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Calling My Missing Muses. Please come home.

So, it's been a VERY long time since I've even tried to post something here. I've just been shadowing in and out of communities reading as much as I can, leaving feedback and learning to love different couples, different fandoms, and styles of writing.

Currently I can't seem to focus on any of the stories I have planned. I was in the midst of working on an EPIC FaBerry story, AU, but have lost inspiration for now. With 30 pages done, it's not a total loss. I just need to find the muse that started that story again. She's gone on vacation for now.

All of my All My Children as well as Devil Wears Prada stories are most likely going to remain unfinished until my Maggie!muse or Miranda!Muse come back. For now they've been gone for far too long. I keep sending messages out asking them to return but they haven't. The funny part is that although I can't seem to write anything for All My Children I have four (almost five) new banners, manips, for it. (shrug) I'm at least happy about that.

Now it seems that my RachelBerryLovesQuinnFabray!!!Muse has joined them on their private little island in the middle of nowhere. I imagine they are sipping drinks on a beach talking about how crazy I am and all the shananigans I got them into over the years. Or at least Maggie and Miranda can talk about all the crazy things I've gotten them into. Miranda with an 'immaculate' conception and her own F/F pregnancy with Andy...yeah, I actually went there. Also held Miranda at gunpoint at some point because you just HAVE to realize one of those assistants she threw out like dirt was crazy and was going to come back and get payback sooner or later.

Maggie has had a run in (or two) with those same Gods and Goddesses that Miranda has had to deal with, along with gunfights of her own where it was like an entire army of hired help came at her family (large as it was at that point six kids--jesus), all the surprise findings of realizing your father wasn't your father and you were actually a billionheiress. OR...when ghosts decided to help Maggie out while she had her cancer scare and when she didn't listen they went to haunt her girlfriend till they finally got together. ORRRRR when I turned her into a Vampire hunter and gave her, her very own F/F pregnancy. Oh, not to forget her Pine Valley Thanksgivings, whether they be in the present, future, or way back when in the past.

I reckon after all those conversations Quinn and Rachel are literally going to hold on tightly to each other in fear of what may become of them in the future in my stories. Or maybe after the warnings they'll stay where they are and never return to me.

I would cry, it's like losing a beloved toy or your baby blanket that helped you feel safe and loved and let you sleep peacefully.

So, please Muses come back to me. Please. I miss you.

On a good note, it seems a new muse has come to me. Thanks to a friend...who I am not sure if I'm thankful for getting me into this new fandom or not...I am now an HG/Myka shipper and adore the Meet At Gunpoint community. I'm starting to catch up on stories and have already started my own and in the last two days alone have written 18 pages. I sense this is going to be another EPIC fic. Here is to hoping that my HG/Myka!!Muse doesn't disappear and join the others on the island of femslash muses.

( Do you sense a crack-fic? because I sure do. ;-D )

Till the next time.

Unjustly Accused; Part 1

Title: Unjustly Accused

Author: inlove_n_inhate

Plot: Miranda Priestly, the head of the House of Priestly, has made a grave mistake and her new young lover may end up paying the price.
Author's Note: Special thanks to yesssirrr</lj> for the help for this chapter as well as the introduction's revision. Hope it came out better than before.

They were too late. Collapse )

Unjustly Accused Intro (revised)

Title: Unjustly Accused

Author: inlove_n_inhate

Plot: Miranda Priestly, the head of the House of Priestly, has made a grave mistake and her new young lover may end up paying the price.
Disclaimer: I do not own Miranda Priestly or Andrea Sachs. I do however own the literature they are being depicted in. But please don't sue, I have no money and am making no money from this, so it's really just a big waste of time.
Author's Note:
Wrote this as a gift to archaicambience in the Devil Wears Prada Secret Santa Exchange. So this story is co-owned by the two of us.

IntroductionCollapse )


Merry Christmas Archaicambience!

Merry Christmas. I tried my best to finish off the Era fic you asked for but haven't finished yet. I have the Introduction ready for you though and a small one shot as the cherry on top. (smile) I hope you like. Merry Christmas.

Secret Santa Exchange Fiction

For: archaicambience

From: Inlove_n_Inhate


What I want: Fan Fiction Is my Sustenance!!! Miranda/Andréa only please-I love period fan fic pieces... (Surprise me) Well….Surprise! And Merry Christmas!

Unjustly AccusedCollapse )Incompetent Teddy BearsCollapse )

Aug. 10th, 2008

Here is the icon I've been sporting for the past week or so. The first one I had ever made. A big thanks goes to 

radak whose icons I used to make this icon. So the icon frames all credit goes to radak I just put them together to make something I only seem to understand. (shrug)


Here was my attempt at a sequel to my Emily/Andy icon above. What happens when Miranda finds out about Andy and Emily's relationship.

So here was my first try at a BAM icon. It happens to be for my story Ray of Light, but I'm working on others. So they should be popping up every once in awhile now that I have this free trial for thirty days. (Ten days left) Let me know what you think.


For Ray of Light, which I haven't posted here for what reason I can't tell you. Can be found, (if anyone is interested in All My Children, Bianca/Maggie, romantic/supernatural/drama.) Here

New Icon

Made my first Icon a couple days ago. Big thanks to radakfor the icons used in it. They are wonderful, and gave me a spout of inspiration to try something I'd never tried before.


It's been too long

Too long indeed. 12 weeks of no updates. Then again, its not as if I haven't been around the journal. Please, I spend enough time hanging around this site skimming through all the communities I've joined looking for updates for on-going stories and looking for fresh ones. Leaving reviews in my wake around fandoms and communities I've only just found an interest in. Funny thing that? Isn't it? You can be looking for one thing and find something completely different but still find it fascinating enough to spend time reading about it, researching it and hours later realize that you forgot what original search had led you to find such a new treasure. 

For those of you wondering what the hell I'm talking about. (But really why bother caring? lol, its trivial really but it'll get me an entry and I feel obligated to at least attempt to make the entry interesting. All the while covertly babbling about my new obsessions.) What I'm speaking about is Gossip Girl, (thank you Sammi for that one. Seriously, like I needed another fandom to obsess over) and Heroes. Now...I can honestly say I never watched Gossip Girl or even touched the books but Heroes has always been one of my favorite television shows. Then again I can also admit that I lost interest the first couple episodes of the second season and only now have picked my interest back up and started to read about this season and all the new characters they brought in. Have to say I hadn't realized Kristin Bell was one of the new characters until just yesterday, which is very sad, but true. 

Besides finding a new interest in reading Gossip Girl and Heroes fanfics I've been spending time writing. Which has always been my love, though I'm still an amateur, I don't care! I'm attempting to better myself and my techniques and I love writing and reading. So...(shrug) 

Anyhow I've been an All My Children fan since I was twelve. Blame my mother. (My father still does) A total BAMer devotee. Bianca Montgomery and Maggie Stone are my OTP all the way. For the rest of time (no matter how screwed up the writers on that show have made their relationship...I mean seriously? Maggie cheating on Bianca, are you F-ing kidding me?--rant not even close to being finished but will be left for another time.) THE (ever elusive) point is I'm a BAM fan and that is my OTP and one true fandom. I've written several stories for the fandom. Some by myself but most with a co-author, my friend Christine (Chris for short). But this new story...is of my own imagination and completely fucked up, but totally worth the read (or so I've been told.) It's not done yet, and I'm not even sure I'll be posting the story here, since the chapters themselves would have to be split in half a few times, because they're pretty long and I still have yet to master LJ, so (shrug). I'll be leaving the link to where people can find it though. I like what I've done with it so far. 

It's an AU and I've tried different writing styles in each chapter. They enhance the plot and make the story a better read (in my own opinion.)  The idea is original-ish. I didn't know I was possibly copying aspects of a Stephen King novel/movie/TV show until pointed out to the book/movie/TV series in question. Which if you can believe I had never seen nor actually been aware of its plot. Swear to God I didn't....but that's besides the point. My story, as I mentioned before, only shares some aspects of the book/movie/TVshow. So Stephen King...will be mentioned but not credited because I am not stealing anything from him nor am I really borrowing anything from him either. Though I would kiss the mans feet if given the chance, this story is mine. (smile) I'm very possessive over things I'm proud of. This story being one of the few stories I'd fight for if pushes came to shoving. 

Besides this new AU/semi-supernatural BAM story I have a sequel to one of my completed BAM stories, Ghosts of Christmas, in the works. The first chapter of GoC, is somewhere here on my journal. It turned out pretty well and the sequel promises to be interesting. After all how can a crossover between All My Children and General Hospital NOT be interesting? Then again the spoof on Ghosts of Christmas, with a couple I named RAM (Robin Scorpio and Maggie Stone), is also under construction and promises to be an interesting ride. Hell maybe I can even convince people of the (non-existent) chemistry between the two characters that never met on either show. (I got some hard work ahead of me, but I'm up for the challenge...mostly.) 

Oh and I can't forget That Other Story, a sequel to my DWP story Lessons. That is proving to be harder to write then I originally thought. After reading such stories as It's All Relative, the conclusion to the Small Favors universe and not to mention Truth and Measure...I mean...no way does my little dinky story compare. So...its on the back burner for now. At least until I don't feel as inadequate as those writers around me. No, (though I am in retrospect) its just I'm stuck in a rott for the story. But I will come back! I will, that I promise! 

Just a quick shout out to Telanu, Andrea (pandora_007), grdnofevrythng, allaine77, je_talveran, myagedparchment, and hawkbehere (Tried to get the livejournal like thing to work...no such luck) I LOVE you ALL! Like...talk about a fangirl. I can't wait to see everything/anything you bring to DWP or any fandom. Please come back with anything when you can. 

And since I'm still in Fangirl mode OMG everyone who has not seen Mamma Mia must go and see it as soon as possible. It is hilarious! I mean...I love Meryl Streep to death but my god watching her try and dance that last dance while the credits begin to roll was just TOO funny. The place was packed when I went. People had to sit on the stairs and even as the credits began to roll no one left because Meryl was still on the screen and they were singing and dancing in these retro disco outfits that just were....to die for. The movie is just....swoon....amazing. Seriously, all of those coming attractions for the movie with the quotes from newspapers and magazines are true! You will want to dance in your seat, and see it again the moment the credits roll.

Anyhow...stepping away from being the fangirl I am.

I'm a busy little bee. With the amount of time spent studying for my math exam (re-take), editing for friends, reading all the wonderful fics that grace the internet, and writing my own stories I'm surprised I have time to lounge about the beach and pool. (smile) Not really. After all it is summer.  

All My Children Fanfiction

Title: Ghosts of Christmas
Author: Megs (Chris wrote this first part with me before she left on her holiday getaway.)
Plot: Christmas of 2007 isn't quiet like any other Christmas Bianca's ever had to endure in Pine Valley. What happens when she's given a glimpse into her past, present and possible future by a couple of old friends?
Couples: Bianca/Maggie; implied Maggie/f, mentioned Bianca/f
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the All My Children characters. They belong to ABC and All My Children and all those writers that just sadly aren't me. New character's introduced I'll stake my claim on but I doubt anyone's going to want them.

Part 1

The wind howled and the houses moaned as the furies of nature tore through the town. Faces were plastered to their windows watching the spectacle wonder as the snow fell in trundles. The wind was blowing the snow through the air, covering the already thickened white streets and tress with even more snow. The door opened in the corner of the house and the wind howled as snow and cold flew into the opened door, making those sitting at the window shiver at the sudden chill.

"Grandpa close the door!" Miranda shrieked as she wrapped her arms around herself, her body already shivering at the chilled air. On the window a ghostly impression of her cheek fading as the cold and warm air mixed clouding the entire window as Spike and Emma watched in awe. The door closed at Miranda's request and when she was sure it wasn't going to be opened again she started to wipe away the clouded glass so she could once again gaze out at the magical winter scene outside.

Jack smiled when he turned to see his grandchildren all huddled by the window looking out at the blizzard in only a child's innocent awe. His large winter coat covered in, now melting, snow flakes and face bright red even as it was hidden from all view except frontal by his hood and hat. He had tried in vain along with Ryan and Jonathan to clear a path for the cars. It was of no use. The storm was just getting worse as the day turned to night, and even if they got the cars a cleared path out of the driveway, the roads were still impassible at this point. It seemed as if everyone was just going to have to stay the night.

“Are they still out there?” Erica asked as she walked up to her husband, carrying a steaming cup of hot chocolate.

"Yes, they're still out there. But I don't know what they intend to do if they even get the cars cleared. The roads haven't been plowed and neither of them have four wheel drive." Jack said nodding his head graciously as he was handed the cup of hot chocolate.

“I'm sure they'll be in soon.” Annie said as she walked into the living room with Kendall hot on her heels.

"Well I for one hope they can at least clear my car. I actually have a decent four wheel drive car." Kendall stated happily as she walked in with two steaming mugs in her hands

"Hot chocolate!" Spike yelled and rushed away from the window and over to his mother to get, what he rightly assumed, was his mug of hot chocolaty goodness.

Emma and Miranda were both soon out of their claimed seats by the window to get their own cups. Bianca laughed as she watched Annie and Kendall both tense, expecting to be knocked over by the speeding children, from the hallway that led to the living room. It seemed like they were all staying her for the night, unless they decided to cram into Kendall's car, which would be rather hard due to the car seat still firmly planted in the back seat for Ian. Ian was snuggly asleep, under warm covers, in the nursery.

Once the kids had a nice hold on their hot chocolate they walked back to the window, each taking up their previous seats. Spike snuggly in the middle of Emma and Miranda. The adults watched the kids take sips of their hot chocolate, their eyes still riveted on the blizzard.

"The news caster said its possible that with the winds picking up that electricity might go out if any tree limbs start falling." Bianca said her own eyes fixated on her daughter's glee filled face. She hadn't seen Miranda this happy, she sighed, in a long time.

Erica frowned when she heard Bianca sigh, it had been a long time since she had seen her daughter smile and watch it reach her eyes.

"Well then, I better get the fires going just in case." Jack said as he pulled off his gloves and walked towards the fireplace that sat in the living room.

"I'll go start the one in the den." Kendall said as she handed Bianca her mug of hot coffee and left the room.

"Is there anything I can help with?" Annie asked as she followed Jack further into the living room.

"Yes if you could just....."

Erica tuned out Jack's voice and turned to Bianca with a sad frown. It seemed these days she was the only one in the family that hadn't found happiness. It had, after all, been two years since the last time she spent Christmas in Pine Valley. Erica had heard Bianca talk about her relationship with Zoë for only a few months after she left for Paris. Then there were no more talks about Zoë. There were talks about a young woman named Natalie that Erica had never met and since those talks and stories had stopped, figured she never would. It just didn't seem fair to Erica. That the one person in this family that deserved love above the rest, couldn't seem to find it and have it last.

"Bianca, are you alright?" Erica asked when she watched Bianca's forehead crease and a frown play across her daughter's face.

"Yes. I was just..." Bianca started.

Ryan and Jonathan came bursting through the door huffing and heaving.

"Damn, it's freaking cold out there." Jonathan said as he tried to shake the snow off of his jacket.

"No need to tell me about it." Ryan said as he swatted at the arm of his jacket brushing off the thick snow that had coated his dark blue winter jacket. "At least we got Kendall's car a way out." Ryan said, already thinking of how to convince Kendall to allow him to use the car to pick up the Christmas presents that were neatly wrapped and hidden back at his loft. If the roads were as bad as they looked, it'd be better to just go now before it got worse, get the presents and then come back. It wouldn't even take two trips since all of the kids’ gifts had been hidden at Bianca's penthouse.

"You guys look like your frozen to the bone." Annie said as she got up and made her way over to Ryan and Jonathan. "Go sit by the fire to warm up and I'll get you some hot chocolate."

"Yes ma'am." Jonathan said as he 'saluted' Annie and then groaned as his older brother punched him in the stomach for his efforts of comedy.

"Go sit down." Ryan said and this time Jonathan didn't joke around and just walked over to the couch, winking at Bianca and Erica as he passed, still bent over playing the 'hurt' card.

"We were only able to clear a way out for Kendall's car." Jonathan said as he grabbed one of the blankets that was on the back of the couch and put it around himself. "It's snowing way to hard to hard, right now."

"It is." Jackson agreed as he sat across from the Lavery boys and next to his wife.

"Once it calms down I want to convince Kendall to let me borrow it to get a few things from home before coming back. Her car can't fit more then four and it'd be too dangerous to do more then one trip." Ryan said as he rubbed his hands together, trying to warm them.

"Well, it'll depend on what you're going to get that may change how much persuading you have to do." Kendall said as she walked into the living room once again with a mug of hot chocolate in her hands. She handed it to Jonathan as she passed him and sat on the arm of the armchair Bianca was nestling herself into.

Ryan looked over at Kendall and smiled when Annie walked back into the room. He took the offered hot beverage and slid over to allow Annie to sit next to him. Annie shook her head and sat in the empty fold up wooden chair next to the couch where Jonathan and Ryan were sitting on. They may not be covered in snow anymore but they were both too cold to sit next too.

"I was hoping to stop by at Bianca's place to pick up some packages." Ryan said, ignoring for now that his wife wouldn't come sit next to him and warm him up. With his comment Kendall and Bianca both nodded, understanding why Ryan wanted to go to Bianca's penthouse and what for.

"It's all right with me. Just as long as you promise to be careful." Kendall said with a pointed look directed at Ryan. "Yeah, it looks like we're stuck here for the night then."

"Besides...there is plenty of room here. As you all already know we have three spare bedrooms and the Jack's office as well as my own each have couches. There's also the pull out couch and the bunk bed in the nursery. So there's no problem with you all-staying here. As long as everyone promises not to kill each other." Erica said as she gave Jonathan a pointed look. Knowing the man to cause just as much trouble as she would.

Jonathan looked from side to side and then pointed at himself. "Me?" He asked and the adults broke into a loud roar of laughter, the kids still smushed against the window as they watched the blizzard cover all of Pine Valley. This Christmas Eve was turning out to be quiet different then what had been planned.


Bianca ran her hand through Miranda's hair gently. Miranda and Emma were sharing the top bunk, while Spike took up the bottom part of the bunk bed. All three fast asleep dreams of Santa, Christmas trees, snow and presents filling their stockings plaguing their dreams. With one last look and small smile Bianca kissed the top of Miranda's head and turned to leave the room.

"Night mommy." Miranda whispered in her sleep.

"Night sweetie." Bianca answered back from the doorframe.

The house was quiet, the only sound being the sound of her footsteps against the wooden and carpeted floors. The rest of the household had been asleep for hours. The Christmas presents already placed under the tree, and stockings filled. All the fires' flames slowly dwindling as they were left uncared for. Bianca looked around the living room before turning off the light and walking down the hallway to her bedroom. Christmas Eve used to be a time of great joy for her, now it was just like any other holiday spent at home. It no longer held the appealing factor it had once held. It was just a specific time of year when she realized how alone she truly was.

Bianca walked into her bedroom and closed the door behind her. As she walked over to the bed she started stripping her clothes off. Once the clothes were off, she grabbed her favorite pajamas that Maggie had given her and put them on quickly. Memories of Maggie were filling her mind. With a shake of her head she forced her own subconscious to obey her for tonight and let her forget. With a sigh she slipped under the comforters of bed and snuggled into the bed as best she could. Tonight was the night that reminded her unforgivingly about how she was responsible for this bed to be empty. The empty bed now giving her subconscious an excuse to reminisce in the past.

In the past five years of her life she had driven away love after lover. It started with her driving away the one lover she had wanted to keep the most and followed with two others in the past two years, that were less bothersome at night and in her dreams. With a groan Bianca flipped onto her side, pulling the blanket close to her as she closed her eyes wishing for sleep to come before the tears did. Then before either could come, there was no pity, or self-loathing, there was anger and frustration. It had been exactly three years since she broke up with Maggie, and it had only been five since her latest breakup with a woman she had honestly thought would stick around. Seems the really wasn't that practiced in keeping love in her hands but was an expert at finding it and letting it slip away.

It wasn't her fault that her lovers cheated on her. Lena, there was good reason. Maggie, well she'd rather not even dive into the can of worms. Zoë, thankfully had been faithful and it had been her who deliberately let her go. Then there was Natalie, a woman Bianca had loved and wasn't afraid to admit she loved her as much as she had loved Maggie. There it was again. This was why Natalie had left. She was being compared to a woman she didn't even know, personally. It hadn't been fare to Natalie and Bianca knew that now, and knowing this only fueled her anger towards her ex even more. It wasn't fair that she couldn't let go of the past that her heart had to hold on! No matter how much it was urged to release her from her. It was easier to hate Maggie now, now that she hadn't seen her in years. It was easy to blame someone else for all of her problems no matter how unfair it was to the person being blamed. With another groan Bianca turned onto her other side, trying in vain to find a comfortable position.

"Tisk, tisk, tisk." Bianca jumped up at the sound of an uninvited guest. "All these years I've thought better of you, Bianca." The voice continued. "And here, after all these years I find I'm very disappointed in you." Bianca looked around the room and finally caught sight of her...looking at the clock....midnight guest. They were shrouded in darkness in the corner of her bedroom.

"Who are you?" Bianca asked as she looked at the uninvited guest.

"Well I'm the ghost of Christmas past of course." The 'ghost' said and stepped further into the room, her features now visible in the pale light of the room. "Don't tell me you can't even recognize your own grandmother." Mona said, now an unknown source of light encasing the small bedroom and allowing Bianca to see that it was indeed her dearly beloved, deceased grandmother.

“Oh my god…”


Feb. 16th, 2008


Title: Unlikely Heroine

Author: Meghan

Plot: Danger in Elias-Clarke! Prompt taken from Somniesperus’ V-Day Challenges.

Couples: None, but there are a few implied ones. See if you can pick them out. ;-) 
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or the background storylines, just the literature surrounding the situation they've just landed themselves in. 
Rating: Pg-13 for language


Part 1 of 1


The lights are out, the elevators aren't working, and there are cops everywhere outside! What's going on? Panic. Sheer and total panic encased the hearts of all employees of Runway. It had been a simple delivery. Just like any other day. Numbers of people coming in and out of the elevators at all times, with racks of beautiful clothing adorning the hangers. Normal. After all they did work at a fashion magazine and if today there seemed to be more deliveries then usual that could easily be explained as well. Three days to the issue was due on stands, and the night before there had been a power surge, causing chaos to envelope those immediately responsible for the articles published in the issue. Which really meant, everyone was in a state of panic. This panic and high blood pressure was normal, the panic that now encased all those on the twenty-fifth floor of Elias-Clarke building was not normal.


People were crying, again something not uncommon in these offices, but they were crying for a different reason today. Three reasons that each had automatic weapons with bullets and the safeties removed. Runway, home of the notorious Miranda Priestly and her army of clackers, was being held at gunpoint. Yes, this was something a person did not expect to happen with the kind of security Elias-Clarke paid for. The gunman had arrived three hours ago with masks covering their faces, guns drawn and a rack of clothing that most assumed had allowed them to get past security. The lights had been cut, as had the electricity to the elevators, leaving those on the twenty-fifth floor caged. They could hear the sirens outside, had heard a man on a megaphone attempting to negotiate, but that had been an hour ago and still they remained. The armed masked men had said very little outside the commands one thought would be common in this kind of situation.


“Do as I say and you won’t get hurt.”

“Shut up!”

“Don’t make me shot you, bitch!”

“Don’t Move!”

“Be quiet!”

“Stay There!”

“I Said Shut Up!”

“I’ll kill you a swear!”


The usual.


The reasons these three people had for holding up this particular office was unknown to those still whimpering out in the outer offices. There was no money anywhere in these offices. The only valuables on this floor happened to be the clothes, locked away in the Closet, which was now locked due to the powers inability to remain on. Though, the gunman hadn’t tried to shot their way in, which many assumed would be rather easy for them. If it wasn’t the 4.5 billion dollars worth of clothing and shoes inside the Closet that they wanted no one could venture an accurate guess as to what these madmen wanted.


For the five individuals being held in the inner offices, Miranda’s office and the small room the assistants took up. They were just now being informed why they were still being threatened with automatic rifles and no demands. After all, a person could only take so much of Miranda Priestly’s incessant complaints about how incompetent they were by just standing around and pointing their weapons at innocent people with seemingly no real reason to be there.


“I can’t take it anymore!” The gunman whined as he shook his gun while it was pointed at Miranda.


Andy sat on her knees by her desk watching as Miranda stood up to the two men standing in front of them wielding deadly weapons. Cassidy whimpered when the man started to wave the gun around again. Andy pulled Cassidy and Caroline closer to her chest and held them tightly as all three of them watched as the gunman moved closer to Miranda. Andy looked across the office and met Nigel’s eyes. Nigel’s outfit; usually pressed and clean was wrinkled and had bloodstains soaked into the fabric and his hair in a state of disarray. Just likes the rest of them, well excluding Miranda because Miranda’s attire and appearance was always perfect. Even in a hostage situation. They should’ve known. 


“Mom, please sit down…” Caroline begged as she looked up at her mother and saw the man walk right up to her mother and press the guns barrel against her chest. 


Roy had dropped the twins off at the office twenty minutes before the gunmen arrived. They had the day off and Miranda was going to take them out to brunch for their birthday. Miranda had cleared almost her entire schedule for the day, which meant most of the office had off, which turned out to be a good thing. Andy knew it was the twins’ birthday thanks to all the work she had done for them. They’d commented once that their birthday was on Valentines Day and Andy hadn’t forgotten. She’d bought the girls gifts. She’d brought them to work with her in hopes that she’d be able to give the girls their gifts when she dropped off the Book. When Andy had seen them walk into the office, she had stopped them before they went to their mother. Seeing this as the perfect time to give them their gifts (just in case she couldn’t later). The gifts weren’t much but they were heartfelt. The girls had opened them apprehensively, as if afraid to see what they had actually been given by another one of their mother’s assistants.


Emily glared at Andy the whole time and Miranda watched her like a hawk. 


When the girls actually opened the gifts they had both shrieked and rushed over to Andy and actually hugged her, in the middle of the office! Miranda had looked like she was either going to yell or cry she was so red in the face. All she did in reality was nod her head slowly to Andy. Andy had nodded her head back and then turned back to the girls to talk about the gifts. It was of course Harry Potter, since the girls were still infatuated with it. Cassidy got the ‘potions set’, which was in actuality a chemistry set. Andy gave Caroline the mythical creatures book, specifically for the Harry Potter series. Then of course a bag of Bertie and Botts Every Flavor Beans for them both. They’d informed her that they liked her better then any of their mother’s assistants.


All in all, it’d been a sweet moment…until the screaming from the outer offices ruined it. Nigel had come running into the office, pale and panting for air, and told them that they needed to get out of the office now! They heard the echoing screams and the first round of gunfire for the day. With pounding hearts they’d left. Without a word Miranda had grabbed onto Caroline’s shoulder while Andy pulled and pushed Cassidy out the door. The girls’ presents forgotten on Andy’s desk as the girls first and only wave of tears came. 


Andy sensing the looming danger and Miranda’s instinct to protect her children had made them the first two out of Miranda’s office and down the hallway; each one of them with a redhead held tightly to their side. Miranda had locked eyes with Andy and the naïve second assistant knew that if she let go of Cassidy or was responsible for any harm coming onto her that death would be a blessing. That look and their movements only took up a half of a second and with warnings and messages made perfectly clear they’d tried to escape. Emily and Nigel were right behind them and when they went to turn to the right, towards the stairs, they came into contact with the same man that stood before them now.


They hadn’t made it to the stairs. They’d been slowly ushered back into Miranda’s office, with the girls crying and Emily entering into hysterics. Nigel sat with his body positioned over Emily’s left shoulder. Their sides both touching Emily’s desk. Nigel had been putting pressure on the wound Emily had been dealt the moment their effort to escape had been thwarted. Nigel had tried to dispatch (be the hero) the gunman of his gun, and was failing. Seeing this Andy had gone to get up and help Nigel, only to be stopped by the girls’ arms holding her back and Miranda’s own glare. Emily took her place. The only adult redhead had somehow calmed herself enough to use the adrenaline that had been boiling in her system since the hysterics began and attempted to help Nigel. It’d ended with them just about getting the gun from the gunman but stopped when Emily was shot in the shoulder.




They hadn’t been aware there were more then one gunman, and when the second arrived and actually shot Emily they’d been thrown for a loop. But only for a second because after that one second Emily’s cries had taken them out of their momentary stupor. Nigel had been shocked enough to stop his efforts, and received a nice gash over his left eyebrow for it. Nigel recovered from the hit but the same man he’d been beating up seconds before then kicked him in the stomach several agonizing times. Andy had rushed over to Emily the moment the girl hit the ground.


The twins had attempted to keep her where she had been, with them, but she’d pushed off their arms and rushed to her co-workers side and tried to calm her down, even as she pushed her hands down onto her shoulder. Miranda in the meantime just sat where she was, stunned. As if she’d just realized what kind of situation they were in. Her dazed expression soon disappeared when she’d heard the gunman ordering Andy to step back away from Emily, only to have Andy refuse as she glared at the man over her shoulder; her weight still distributed onto Emily’s bleeding shoulder


“Andy…” Emily had whispered as tears streamed down her face which had already become white. Emily had wanted to say more but she couldn’t seem to voice what it was she wanted to say. Andy told her to be quite and try to stay still.


“You’re going to be alright.” Andy told Emily firmly as she smiled sadly down at the woman beneath her.


“Get over there!” The man had yelled and even touched her shoulder with the barrel of his rifle, the other man still holding his gun up as he looked down at Emily and kept a watchful eye on Nigel, who was just staggering up to his knees.


“If I don’t keep pressure on her shoulder she’ll die.” Andy had said firmly, her voice cracking as her first tears began to fall at the realization of what she’d just stated. 


“I don’t care!” The man had yelled and pushed his gun against her shoulder harder. “The bitch deserves to die.”


Andy’s heart had gone cold at the statement and hadn’t warmed since.


“Let her help her.” The second man, with a brown ski mask had said softly.


“What!?” The man with the black ski mask had asked outraged.


“I said let her help her. Better yet…let him help her.” Brown said as he pointed his gun at Nigel and then pointed at Emily’s shaking form.


“Are you serious?” Black had asked still outraged, his face now turned to his partner even as his gun remained pressed against Andy’s back.


The girls’ had started to cry again. Miranda watched silently, afraid to interrupt and have to watch as another one of her employees was shot and possibly killed.


“I don’t know about you man but I personally don’t feel like going to jail for life for murder.” Brown stated his voice hard and firm as he glared at Black.


Brown groaned and turned to look at Nigel. “Fine…you put the pressure on her wound. Anything funny and I won’t think twice about shooting you. Dying in prison aint my worst fear.”


So Nigel had taken Andy’s place, even as Emily begged for Andy not to leave. Emily had grabbed onto Andy’s hand and held firm, until Miranda had finally spoke up.


“Emily do not cause more problems.” Miranda had simply stated. Emily had let go of Andy’s hand even before Miranda had finished and Andy turned and glared at the gunmen standing in front of her before turning it on Miranda. Miranda actually looked taken back when she met Andy’s glare, of course she didn’t falter to it, she had just given Andrea her own glare and nodded her head to her left, back to where she had been sitting next to her and the girls, by her own desk.


When this was over if she and the entire staff of Runway didn’t quit…


That had all occurred an hour ago. Emily had passed out thirty minutes ago, but was still breathing, and was still alive if only just barely. Barley was better then dead. Barely could be fixed later dead couldn’t be fixed no matter how hard one tried.


Miranda had stood up to ‘talk’ (insult) the gunmen’s incompetence almost fifteen minutes ago and his latest outburst and unspoken threat spoken proved it had worked. She was getting to him. Too bad for them, after their first attempt to escape a second gunman had moved to stand ten feet from the door so if one of them was unsettled the other could remain calm. . 


“Get a grip man!” Brown ordered as he glared over at his friend. “It’s just a woman.” His buddy in the gray sky mask said as he looked between his partner and the silver haired woman.


“Just a woman? Just a woman…oh no, no, no!” Came a new feminine voice from the hallway. The five conscious hostages watched as a third gunwoman arrived, her ski mask blue. She was slowly walking to the office as she spoke loud and clearly down the hallway knowing her voice would echo into the office. “You see Miranda Priestly isn’t just a woman. She’s the woman…”


“What are you doing in here?!” Brown asked. “You’re supposed to be watching the rest with…”


“No names!” Black interjected quickly.


“Oh…we let the rest go.” The woman stated simply, as she shrugged her shoulders.


“You what!?” Both Brown and Black asked.


“We let them go.” The woman pronounced every syllable slowly.


“Now who are we going to ransom!?” Brown asked.


Andy gasped and shook her head as she looked up at Miranda. The way Miranda’s body had visibly tensed showed she was very aware of whom they were now going to ransom.


“Them.” The woman said as she pointed her gun to the twins.


Miranda’s eyes widened and her head snapped to her side and met her daughters’ eyes. With a slowly rising heartbeat she turned her eyes to look at the gunman, her feet unintentionally moving her form in front of her daughters’ and Andrea, who was now being hugged tightly enough to push out all the air she held in her lungs. Her own arms doing the same thing. These girls might not be hers but she wouldn’t let these monsters get them. Especially Black…Andy would never let Black get a hold of them.


“What about the rest of them?” Black asked turning his head from the office out to the woman.


“Let them go.” Nigel sighed at the sound of this. Emily needed a doctor…immediately! He’d worry about the girls after he helped this girl (woman).


“But isn’t she worth all the money?” Brown asked as he pointed at Miranda.


“Exactly! She’ll pay anything to get her girls back.” The woman said as she walked into the office, her gun slowly rising till it was held at a 180-degree angle and pointed at Miranda’s chest. “Won’t you Miranda?” Miranda made no sound nor did she move. “You love them more then anything. Even if you’re worth a shit as a mother, you love them.” Miranda’s lips formed such a strained line that Andy wondered if she’d be able to ever smile again, if she could smile at all as it was. “Why don’t you phone that cop and tell them to meet you in the stairwell with medics.” The woman said as she turned to look at the two men behind her. Her grip on the gun loosening.


Andy felt her heart race and put her palms against the twins chests and pushed slightly…the girls not knowing what she was going to do gripped tighter until Andy turned and glared at them. They both silently let go of Andy…but kept their bodies close to her. With a deep breath Andy braced her hands against the wooden floor and as the woman finished speaking she pushed off the ground with lightning speed and raised the gun up to the ceiling as she pulled it away from the woman. The woman’s finger pulled the trigger but the bullet shot harmlessly into the ceiling above them. The two men pulled their guns up and raised them to shoot but found they couldn’t get a clear shot with their comrade in the way. Caroline watched as the woman tried to pull the gun back from Andy, as she tried to hold the gun up making it impossible for Andy to threaten her with it.


“You bitch!” The woman growled as she kicked at Andy’s stomach. Andy winced with pain but kept her hold on the gun.


Miranda watching Andy scuffle with the woman waved her children over to her. Cassidy and Caroline both jumped up and moved to stand behind their mother, in the doorway to her office. Miranda gripped both of their hands tightly for a moment. “The Bathroom…go lock yourselves in and don’t come out till I tell you.” They looked at her horrified. “Go!” They complied and ran to Miranda’s personal bathroom and locked the door.


Miranda happy that her children were out of the line of fire if shots were to be fired moved to Andy’s side. With a careful eye on the two men trying to get a clear shot at Andy, Miranda reached forward and grabbed the 9 mm tucked into the woman’s pants.


“She’s trying to get my gun! Shoot her!” The woman yelled and the two men tried to understand how she could think they were both that stupid. They were watching Andy try and take the gun with nothing to do but wait since they couldn’t shoot at her without hitting her.


“We can’t.” Brown stated and groaned. “We’ll hit you!”


“Not her…Miranda!” The woman yelled and the men turned to see that Miranda Priestly was now holding onto a 9mm and flipped the safety and was pointing it straight at them.


They weren’t stupid. Not in the least. They knew who Miranda was and they both knew that she was a vengeful woman. With this knowledge came the great need and urge to stay alive.


“Shit!” Black cursed.

“Run!” Brown stated and with their fronts still facing Miranda, guns pointed at her just as she pointed it at them, they made their way to the stairwell and ran for it.


“Fuck!” The woman cursed as she was kneed in the stomach by Andy and then hit on the nose with the butt of the gun. She fell to the ground and grabbed at her broken and bloodied nose as Andy cocked the gun and pressed it against her head.


Andy’s arms were shaking and her chest was heaving as she held the automatic rifle to the woman’s head. The room went quiet and all Andy could hear was the blood rushing through her ears. She noticed a hand on her shoulder and could see a flash of white hair to her left but she ignored it and locked eyes with the woman kneeling before her. Andy wished she could have Brown or Black kneeling before her. She’d have pulled the trigger if it was him, she was sure of it. Black had shot Emily. She’d shot her! Brown had wanted to kill her. If either of them were in this woman’s face, she’d have killed them. And that scared her. Death scared her. Life scared her, hell a lot of things scared her but what had terrified her was someone’s willingness to kill her friend. To kill someone she cared for, more then she should.


Nigel looked up at the two women before he shook his head and pulled down one of the many cell phones that had been placed on Emily’s desk by one of the gunmen. He still held down on Emily’s shoulder with one arm as he dialed with the other, calling the police. He got an operator and informed her that he was one of the hostages at the Elias and Clarke building and needed to talk to the man in charge quickly. The operator patched him through immediately. He finished explaining that the two gunmen had just run out of the offices and that they had the third gunwoman held down for the moment and that they needed medics immediately that one of them had been shot and was unconscious. The man told Nigel they’d be right up and within a moment of their conversation endings the electricity turned back on. Nigel sighed just another live or die scenario at Runway.


“Don’t worry Em…they’ll be here soon. You hang in there girl. It’s almost over.” Nigel said to the unconscious first assistant.


Miranda had watched both of her assistants attempt to free them. Had watched one of them fall to the ground, shot, for their efforts. Had watched as another took blow after blow from someone but held on to the gun even as her own blood slowly started to slip from her own nose and facial wounds. She’d watched one of them hold on to her children as if they were her own, and had trusted her with their lives. When all was said and done all Miranda had done was talked, but they took action. They saved themselves and others. They’d risked their own health for her, her children and Nigel. Now she was watching as Andrea held a gun to one of their captures heads and knew, could understand, what she was feeling. Could understand Andrea’s sudden need to enact revenge on those that had caused this, but she understood nothing.


“Andrea…” Miranda said slower then usual.


“They shot her…” Nigel and Miranda looked up at Andy’s sorrow filled whispered comment. “They shot her…”


“She’s lost it.” Nigel stated after a moment, trying to break the suddenly quiet room while both thought about how long Andy had harbored feelings for Emily and wondered if the British belle knew.


“I’ll kill you…” Andy hears herself whisper. She swallows and says this part clearly and firmly and with all the hatred she feels burning inside her stomach. Or maybe that’s the disgust at this new emotional urge to kill someone to know they hurt as much as Emily’s hurting and then hurt him or her more. “I’ll find you and I’ll kill you if she dies.” Her voice trembles with the hatred she feels for this woman and her friends. “Now tell me…who are they?”


The woman below her actually has the decency to cringe and show fear at Andy’s words as she tries to back away as much as she can. Her hand is still covering her nose, trying in a vain attempt to curb the blood flow.


“Ow…at…ow?” The woman asks and even though her answer is mumbled Andy knows what she asks and finds herself putting the gun right up against the top of the woman’s nose and pushing hard. The woman cries out as much as she can against her own hand.


“Who are your friends? I want names…now!”


“Andy…” Nigel says trying to call Andy’s attention to him. “..the police will get the names. Now…give Miranda the gun.” Nigel has to wonder if that’s even a good idea or if he’s gone insane for even commanding someone to hand Miranda Priestly a gun! “Never thought I’d say that.” Nigel mumbles as he shakes his head.


“They won’t get names.” Miranda and Andy say at the same time. Andy turns to meet Miranda’s eyes and Miranda doesn’t even have to ask. Without another word Andy hands the woman the gun. This woman knows who Miranda is, on a personal level if Andy could make a guess, so she’d find it terrifying to have Miranda holding a gun to her head then Andy. Andy thinks the woman just peed herself and when she looks down to see liquid on the surface of the floor she finds she’s correct. Yeah, well on any other day she wouldn’t blame the woman. Miranda Priestly with a gun if fucking scary.


Miranda nods and literally takes Andy’s place. “Who__are__your__friends?” Miranda asks slowly her eyes glaring into the woman below her.


That’s all she wrote before the woman’s singing like a canary. The police arrive with medics two minutes later and all stop short when they see Miranda with a gun. If it had been any other day they’d have all laughed, except for Miranda of course. Miranda fetches the twins and they all walk out behind the medics, taking the second elevator so that the medics can take the first and assist Emily. Nigel and Andy both take an elevator with Miranda, as do the twins and two police officers and the woman. Who they have found out, after taking off her ski mask, was an old second assistant of Miranda’s who was fired and couldn’t find work anywhere in the city. Go figure.


When they make it outside they see that the press is pushed back behind barricades and the police have to hold them back when Miranda walks out of the building. There are at least a dozen cop cars and two swat vans outside and a small tent area where Miranda can see the rest of the Runway staff has been held up being questioned and helped. There are also four ambulances, two of which have two employees of Runway sitting on the edge getting stitched up by the EMTs. The third ambulance to the left is where the group sees the EMTs loading Emily. Miranda holds onto her girls’ shoulders and turns to meet Andy’s eyes. Miranda just nods her head slightly, and smiles before saying, “Thank you, Andrea.” The girls look up at their mother and then to Andy and both rush to give Andy a hug before rushing back to wrap their arms around their mother’s waist. They walk off with two of the policemen while Andy rushes off to get to the ambulance Emily’s being loaded into.


Nigel just watches as the group parts ways. Hell of a day doesn’t begin to cover what they all have gone through today. Flashes continue to blind him as he walks towards the Runway tent where he is hugged by several of his coworkers. Serena and Jocelyn being among the only three that asked him if he was hurt, after all he was covered in blood. A fact that would have him getting close with his toilet later tonight he was sure. He informed them that he was fine and tried to answer as many questions as he could. Which wasn’t a lot. Five minutes later Irv Ratiz greets him and Nigel nods his head and shakes the man’s hand when it is offered to him. Irv asks what happened up ‘there’ (nods his head towards the building) and Nigel just shakes his head and shrugs his shoulders. Nigel looks around at all the chaos and mayhem turns to Irv when he hears the man laugh.

“What’s so funny?” Nigel asks.


“Sales are going to skyrocket.” Nigel chuckles once and then swings. 


Bastard! Nigel walks away from the tent to the sounds of Serena and Jocelyn asking, “Are you alright Mr. Ratiz?”





Title: Lessons

Author: Meghan

Plot: Caroline and Cassidy have had enough of their lessons and begin planning a lesson of their own one Miranda will not soon forget.

Authors Notes: Taken from Somniesperus’ prompts. #’s 12 and 29.

Characters: Roy, Cassidy and Caroline, and Andy

Part 1 of 1


Time moved slowly when you were bored. Time moved even slower when you were bored and angry. The tick and tock of the clock never in their twelve years of life had ever been this menacing. It felt like they had been sitting here for days. Maybe even years! The clocks, all of them—they were sure it was a conspiracy—informed them it had only been ten minutes from the last time they had looked, say ten minutes ago. Lessons upon lessons had become a normalcy in their lives. It was expected of them to do well in all aspects of their academic careers and to obviously be given the best musical, dance, singing, rather the best lessons New York City had to offer.


They of course excelled in everything they were given to excel in, why one might ask? It was simple. It was expected. Failure was not an option. Failure was never an option. No matter the fact they couldn’t stand tights or having perfect posture or even knowing how to laugh and eat as if you have a secret.  It was something expected of them, so they dragged themselves through the lessons. Through the instructions of stuck up old women who saw themselves as the most beautiful creatures to grace the planet, and a stiff middle aged gay man that needed to find himself a man. They smiled and were the ‘perfect little pupils they had ever had’.




The moments they were the happiest at these lessons were when they heard Roy’s voice from the intercoms and doorways. Today they didn’t seem to have found any luck. They had been here for an hour already and had another hour left and the only thing on their identical minds were how they were going to get back at their mother for this lesson. They had to admit that they’d been rather good the last few weeks, no incidents concerning their mothers assistant. Seemed this ‘new’—she’d been around since before Paris—their mother favored this woman. So they left her alone.


(Besides she gave them the unpublished manuscript for Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows, she was forever off limits! Until today.)


Now, after weeks of curbing their tricks and pranks it was as if they were heading into withdrawal and as much as this addiction should be eased from their systems it couldn’t be done. Not after today. Not after they had to sit in the most uncomfortable chairs for two hours, their backs at a ninety-degree angle and their chins stuck out evenly above their chests, arms flat and stiff against the wooden arms of the chairs. No, this lesson was not one they could let their mother get away with forcing them into. They could be at the park playing with friends, like normal children right now if it weren’t for their mothers insistence on these horrid lessons. So no matter the trouble they would find themselves in, they couldn’t stand this any longer! Tonight, was the night they’d finally find the perfect way to get back at their dear mother. Oh yes, tonight was the night they planned their own doom.



Roy, their lifesaver arrived five minutes early, bless the bald mans soul. Five minutes less of their own living hell. The moment they reached the door they both ran down the stairs. Forget ‘gliding down the stairs with a smile that should convey nothing but everything at the same time’. Screw that! They slouched as they ran down the stairs just to spite the old bat watching them run down the stairs. The safety of the car was always a warm welcome. Always a wonderfully warm sanctuary compared to the cramped apartment rooms they saw day in and day out.


“How’s the bat lady doing today girls?” Roy asked as he pulled away from the curb, watching as the twin redheads slumped into their seats and sighed in relief. He smiled and turned back tot eh road. “That bad?”


The girls could be little devils when they wanted to, but so could any child. If Roy thought enough about it he’d be able to name more then ten kids that were worse then the twins seemed to be. After all, deep down they were both sweethearts.


“Worse.” Cassidy answered as she threw her forearm over her eyes. “She used the ruler today.”


Caroline groaned at the mention of the ruler. One day she was going to grab the wooden measuring tool out from that woman’s hand and snap it in two, just to see what she’d do.


“She didn’t…” Roy’s eyes darkened at the thought the woman would hit either of the girls with the ruler.


The first time she’d done it and the girls had told him, he’d had a few words with the strict old woman about how to treat children. It turned out she had only tapped them with it, but that was no excuse and she had no right to even touch them. Mrs. Lark had taken his threats and large overwhelming form to heart and never touched the girls again, not even a pat on the shoulder. Of course he’d heard she still used it, but never touched them with it again. If the woman had been scared of him, he’d have loved to see how she’d have reacted if Miranda had been informed. Roy really didn’t fancy the idea of having to hide a body.


“No but that thing sure can make one loud crack when used to hit the table.” Cassidy said and leaned back into her seat content to relax now that they were on their way home. Caroline just groaned again and kept her eyes closed. Roy smiled at them from the front seat and drove the two young ladies home.


“Thanks Roy.” The girls echoed as they rushed out of the car and up the stairs of their townhouse. Both turning to wave at Roy when they reached the top of the stairs. Roy waved back and waited until the door closed behind them before driving off, content to leave the girls with their nanny. After all, Miranda wasn’t due home for several hours. She had another banquet to attend to tonight. Like always.



Caroline walked into the living room and threw herself down on the couch unceremoniously. A content sigh left her lips as she hit the soft plush cushions. Cassidy sat across from her in the armchair that was deemed hers years ago. She dropped her bad down beside the chair and snuggled into her seat and closed her own eyes.


“One of these days I’m going to kill her.” Caroline said, the first actually words she’d spoken since they left school.


“Well, just as long as you don’t leave any trace evidence.” Caroline smiled and opened her eyes to lock onto her sisters.


“Nah…that’d require be too much work.” Caroline stated as she sat up from her prone position.


“You have always been the lazy one.” Cassidy commented as she smiled and laughed along with her sister.


“Yes, I’m more like dad.” Caroline admitted and wasn’t afraid of having her mother overhear her comment. “You’ve always been more like mom. You organize everything, just like her.” Not to mention you’ve absorbed her vocabulary and facial expressions.


“Yes, and you leave everything lying around all the time which only annoys the both of us.” Caroline pointedly stated.


“I’m not perfect and I’m happy to say I don’t have an OCD complex like the two of you.” Cassidy rolled her eyes and crossed her arms in feigned indignation.


Caroline just smiled and imagined a light bulb appearing over her own head.  An idea struck her. An idea so perfect and well defined and planned out that Cassidy and mom would be proud of her. An idea so perfect her smile slowly curved into a knowing smirk. A smirk Cassidy had to admire at times and fear in others.


“Caroline…” Cassidy said slowly as she shook her head and sat up. “…whatever it is think about first.”


“Oh…I’m thinking about it.” Caroline rubbed her hands together in glee. “Its perfect.”


Cassidy closed her eyes for a moment and then sighed at her own curiosity. “I know this is just going to get me into trouble, but what’s perfect?”


Caroline’s smirk turned into a bright smile as she leaned even further over towards the coffee table that separated them and clapped her hands together; for effect!


“What’s the one thing mom hates more then anything.” Caroline asked as she held up her right hand holding up the proper number of fingers, being one, as she held her twins eyes.


“Grandma Ray.” Cassidy answered simply because it was simply known that Miranda Priestly hated her second mother in law more then her own mother and almost anything/one. Everyone knew that!


Caroline rolled her eyes and shook her head. “No, not grandma Ray.”


“Oh…” Cassidy still smiled. “…then dad.” Caroline had hoped for a twin moment here, she didn’t get one.


“No! Not dad either.”


“Oh then Jacqueline Follet.” Cassidy continued to smile even as she was zip for two. This one was another no brainer. So then why were all of these wrong? Was she on the wrong track?


“No not her. But did you ever wonder why mom hates her so much?” Caroline asked, getting off track for a moment.


Cassidy didn’t even grant her with an answer to that question. “Stephen.”




“Irv Ratiz.”


Sigh. “No.”


Damn! She was sure that was it. Her smile slowly slipped.


“President Bush?” She was striking out all over the place.






“No…” Wait. “…mom hates Nigel?” Caroline asked surprised.


“No.” Ha now it was her turn to say ‘no’!


They both realized how many people their mother hated. Okay, she’d never admit to hating any of them, she’d just pretend they don’t exist and that in the world of Miranda Priestly informs you that she hates you. “Now can you just tell me what it is?”


“Mom hates incompetence.” Caroline stated, such a gleeful expression crossing her face as she spoke the factual statement.


“So…?” Cassidy asked, unsure where her sister was going with this.


“So…what if we that’s how we can get back at her!?” Caroline knew Cassidy had taken the fun out if it the moment she guessed Grandma Ray, but hadn’t taken away her excitement until now. “Oh come on you’re taking all the fun out of this!” Caroline whined as she stomped her foot against the hardwood rug covered floor.


“I’m not trying to.” Cassidy admitted as she rolled her eyes at her sister’s immature response. Cassidy made sure to leave out ‘not yet, at least.’  She’d rather have her sister smiling then frowning, and then soon planning a hoax on her.


“Oh…” Caroline said and then smiled again. “Good.”


“So how do you plan to use incompetence against mom?” Then it hit her. “You can’t use Andy! Oh no, oh no, oh no! We can’t. We musn’t!”


“I’m not going to.” Unless I have to. “Geez…you think I want to be sent to military school? I know just as well as you that Andy…or Ahn-dray-a is off limits.” Caroline rolled her eyes. “I’m not stupid.” Then a moment and a thought later. “Mustn’t? What are you some English orphan?” Well, she’d never heard any English orphan say that in any of her movies, but had hear time and time again a little orphan girl say “oh no, oh no, oh no”, in Annie. But…she’d leave her mistake alone.


“I never said you were stupid!” Cassidy shot back. “And hey!”


“Hay is for horses!”


“And horses live in stables.” Cassidy said and then looked as if she had no idea what she had actually spoken.


“That’s the gayest comeback I’ve ever heard.”  Caroline said as she clutched her stomach, her laughter hearty and shoulder shaking worthy.  


When the going got tough Cassidy could always rely on one thing. With a quick movement she reached up and pulled down the skin below her eye and stuck her tongue out. The evil eye! Caroline rolled her eyes as she shook her head at her sister’s immaturity. Cassidy groaned as Caroline continued to laugh.


“Are you going to tell me the plan or are you just going to lie there laughing?”


Caroline soon calmed her laughter down to just a few quick chuckles before clearing her throat and taking a deep breath. “Okay…okay…” Another deep breath.


“Your idea? The one that’s going to get us grounded for the next year…” Cassidy prompted.


“Well…it’s more like three years.” Ha. “And that’s if we’re lucky.”


“Great…” Cassidy groaned as she leaned back into her chair. “…wonderful way to convince me to go along with the plan Cara.”


“Shut up!”

“Make me.”

Glaring ensued.


“Ugh…can you just listen to my plan?” Caroline asked, why was it that whenever Cassidy had a plan she would always be ‘all ears’ and whenever she had an idea Cassidy always caused problems?


A thought later…


Oh, right, Cassidy barely ever had any devious ideas and when she did it was such a shock that one had to stop and listen in fear that the moment would pass and you’d wake up.


“Fine. Go ahead. But keep in mind…you’re the one that mentioned military school.” Cassidy said as she held her finger up.


Caroline rolled her eyes and wondered if what they said about doing that too much would cause her eyes to get stuck.


“The idea is simple, really. Phase one is the easiest. We switch her phone!” It was sheer brilliance! She was positive about it! Miranda Priestly had everything important on that phone. Files upon files of her most guarded secrets, her own schedules, phone numbers, addresses, memos, passwords, everything! Her phone was her lifeline!


Cassidy just looked at her sister with astonishment. All this time…wasted on that idea!? Cassidy stood up from her chair shaking her head as she moved towards the kitchen. Her hand waving at her sister, her face no longer facing her mirrored face across the room.


“Cass…” Caroline whined. “..wait!” Caroline jumped up and grabbed her sister’s hand.


Cassidy stood still, and turned to her twin. “What?”


“Where are you going?” Caroline asked confused.


“Getting something to eat before I go up and do my homework.” Cassidy turned to leave but was thwarted as Caroline grabbed her arm again.


“But what about the idea?” Caroline looked at her so hopeful but no matter how wistful the idea wouldn’t work.


“What about it?”


“You haven’t heard the rest of it.”


“Do I need to?” Cassidy asked with impatience.




“Fine.” She moved back over to her armchair and sat down. Caroline moved to stand in front of her armchair, this time closer to her, just in case she needed to tackle her to the chair if she tried to leave before she was finished. What, its what sisters did!


“Well..? Go on…” Caroline shivered at how mom-ish Cassidy just was with those words and the hand flick.


“Her phone has everything on it. Phone numbers, dates, and appointments , personal files and passwords. It’s how everyone really important gets in touch with her. So if we take that and…”


“She’ll be left with an office phone, a computer at work and here, and two assistants that know exactly where she needs to be at all times.” How could Caroline forget about that?


“Yeah…but she doesn’t actually count on them! She has her own schedule emailed to her phone everyday and emails her plans to Emily.” This caught Cassidy’s interest.


“How do you know that?”


Caroline shrugged. “I heard her talking about it with Stephen one time. How if he did it maybe he would be where he was supposed to be when he was supposed to be. Blah blah blah… ”


Caroline shrugged, overhearing arguments between Stephen and their mother had become common and they were glad it had stopped, even if that meant that he no longer lived here. Besides, he wasn’t good enough for their mom! She deserved someone that actually cared and didn’t want to use her like he did to boost his own career. But…this wasn’t about Stephen.


“Once we have the phone we can copy everything onto my laptop and start phase two.”


“Which is?” Cassidy liked this plan more and more.


“Email different times to Emily, and put those same times and places into mom’s phone. So they think it was just a mistake on both parts.”


“Yeah, like mom would admit she made a mistake.” Cassidy chuckled and shook her head at the mere idea of it.


Caroline smiled. “The beauty of it all will be that she’ll blame Emily for it!”


Cassidy smiled at the thought of just getting Emily in trouble. Besides…after the first mistake in the schedule they’d realize something was wrong and fix it so it wouldn’t actually coast the company or their mother…too much money.


“Then the next day we’ll put phase three into action.”


“Which is what?” Cassidy asked slowly.


“Phase three depends on what we find on the phone.” Caroline said slowly, realizing the snag in the possible phase three. I’d all depend on the passwords and files that they found and could use for phase three.


“Okay…so how do we get the phone?”


“Well…if you remember a couple months ago when we went shopping for the new phones…” Caroline pulled out her own phone and Cassidy smiled. “…I warned mom that our phones could become mixed up on accident if we both got the same cover.”


“This plan is perfect to get her!” Cassidy said as she grabbed her sister’s phone and smiled. The moment their mother came home and put her phone down on the table they’d make the switch. It wouldn’t be that hard…one of them would distract her while the other made the switch. Then would do the same thing to switch the phones back. This really would be perfect!


“I know…now what we can we do to make sure we don’t get into trouble is…” Caroline opened her mouth to tell her sister her plan when Andy walked into the room. Andy was holding a bunch of cleaned pressed clothes and looked confused as she walked into the living room. Caroline and Cassidy eyed each other curiously before turning back to Andy. What was she doing at the house and in here…and why was she looking at them like that?


“What do you two mean by ‘this plan is perfect to get her’?” Andy asked looked at the girls curiously. By the way they’d been conversing about a new prank—Andy would admit it—scared her, when she didn’t know what they were planning. After all, from what she’d heard from Emily she’d had it easy up till now. Last thing she needed was to walk right into one of their pranks (again) and this time actually lose her job. She’d just realized she liked her job (and Miranda but that was (for) is another story).


Cassidy and Caroline looked at each other then turned with matching smirks to Andy. 


“Nothing.” They both started giggling and grabbed their bags before they rushed past Andy and up their stairs. The sounds of their giggles echoing through the house.


Andy sighed and watched the two girls rush up the stairs. With a shrug of her shoulders she moved back to the front hallway, smiling at the mere thought of the girls actually pulling a prank on their own mother. Andy started to laugh. Sooner or later the girls were going to have to realize their conversations echoed and carried into other rooms from the living room. One day, that would be their downfall, but today Andy would ignore their sudden interest in high jinxing their own mother. She’d always believed Miranda was off limits when they were conceiving new ideas and new ways to entertain themselves. It seemed she was now fair game.


Andy had to wonder what Miranda had done to warrant an attack from her own children. Then again, if what Roy told her was true, she had had it coming for a while now. Well of course she had it coming, she’s had it coming for decades, its just a humorous thought that she’d finally get whatever it was that was coming to her, by her own children. Andy laughed again, chanced a look up the stairs and then shook her head before walking out the door back to the car, throwing a silent ‘good luck’ the twin’s way as she closed the door. She’d make sure that their prank only lasted for one missed appointment…then would personally make sure it was fixed. The rest of the prank, she’d just have to wait and see but that she could fix.  If she somehow ended up being praised for being able to fix Emily’s incompetence, and perhaps her own, then so be it. With a smile of the many fantasy ideas of how Miranda might repay her slowly filtered through her barriers and she slowly walked back to the car. The ride back to Runway was going to be entertaining. 


The prank would turn out to be interesting as well.




Be looking out for a sequel where the twins have finalized their prank and put it into motion.